Tara & Pips accompany children before and during medical examinations and procedures. Playfully and at eye level.

Learn and reduce fears through storytelling

Visits to the doctor, dentist and hospital often trigger fears and worries in children and parents. What will happen to me? Will it hurt? How will I get well again? Examinations, treatment of diseases and especially emergencies are Boundary experiences.

Children between 4 and 9 years are being prepared for medical interventions. 
They can listen to the stories or watch picture videos. They receive child-friendly education before, during the hospital stay, doctor's visit or ad hoc in the waiting area. 

The children know what is in store for them, become part of it and grow from it. The caregivers (parents' section with advice), siblings and friends also learn.

The work of the medical and nursing staff is made easier through improved collaboration (adherence). The shared knowledge accelerates the Healing process.

The most important in conclusion

  • Target group: 4 to 9-year-old children
  • Children's stories on various topics:
    "Hospital", "Dentist", "Pediatrician".
  • in Swiss German, German, English, French, Italian and Spanish
  • with audio to listen to yourself, with simple picture videos
  • with pain and sleep meditations (in production)
  • Consumable via app, including exciting fantasy stories
  • with exciting game ideas for in-depth knowledge transfer

The sleep and pain meditations are currently being produced in Tara & Pip's knitted candy printing machine :-)!

In collaboration with:

All medical content and six fantasy stories from
Tara & Pips are free.
The subscription gives you all the fantasy stories for less than a cappuccino a month!
3 CHF | 2,49 €.
The subscription can be canceled monthly.

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