Why listening makes you smart: How to promote your child's language development

Language development - like eating, sleeping, learning to walk, etc., it is part of a child's growing up. But how can you specifically promote language development? Those who learn to listen at a young age will benefit throughout their lives. Listening is the basis of all communication. Attentive listeners grasp contexts faster and solve conflicts better. In general, learning is easier for them. Good listeners... Continue reading Warum Zuhören schlau macht: So förderst du die Sprachentwicklung deines Kindes

When can I start reading to my child?

When should I start reading to my child? Many parents ask themselves this question. According to a study by the Stiftung Lesen (Reading Foundation), almost a quarter of all families do not read aloud at all during the first three years. That's a shame, because you can't start early enough to discover books and stories together with your child. When do children start listening to... Continue reading Ab wann kann ich meinem Kind vorlesen?

How do I choose the right children's story?

You and your child are standing in front of the bookshelf. He reaches unerringly for Heidi. The story of the orphan girl from the mountains again? Well, then, so be it... Because for reading aloud to remain interesting for children, one thing above all is important - they must love the content and have the freedom to choose. Choosing books, suggesting books Even the biggest... Continue reading Wie wähle ich die richtige Kindergeschichte aus?

Children of divorce: Communication is everything

Divorces are painful. It is a feeling of helplessness, of being torn apart, it hurts when parents separate. Divorces are very different As heterogeneous as family life is, divorces are also very different. Sometimes the family restructuring takes a long time, sometimes everything goes relatively quickly, sometimes the parents are very quarrelsome or they separate by mutual agreement. Honest, age-appropriate communication Also... Continue reading Scheidungskinder: Kommunikation ist alles

When children grieve: Children's books on death and loss

It is a profoundly tragic event. A child loses a caregiver or a beloved animal through a death. Children have their own way of dealing with death and loss. They grieve in spurts. This means, for example, that after a funeral, children may jump around happily and want to play, at best to the incomprehension of some adults. But then suddenly moments occur... Continue reading Wenn Kinder trauern: Kinderbücher zum Thema Tod und Verlust

"Having siblings" - how do I prepare my child for this?

A second or third child changes the family constellation. Especially for the firstborn the situation is not easy, because he is "dethroned" by his sibling, so to speak, and can become jealous as a result. Because the newborn, that is in the nature of things, will get a lot of attention. Here we would like to recommend children's books to prepare your child for a new sibling. Continue reading „Geschwister bekommen“ – wie bereite ich mein Kind darauf vor?

Why reading aloud is important for life

Why is being able to read so important? Counter question: What would your world look like if street signs, menus and newspapers were composed of indefinable hieroglyphics? You simply wouldn't be able to find your way around. Not to mention all the other information that we convey and receive every day through letters. Reading makes you independent, it is an essential component for... Continue reading Warum Vorlesen fürs Leben wichtig ist

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