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Empowerment with Tara & Pips - at your practice!

Children and their carers can prepare for a visit to the dentist ad hoc - via an app that they can download immediately.

  • Target group: 4 to 9-year-old children
  • Stories in Swiss German, German, English, French, Italian and Spanish
  • In this overview you can see all the contents of the stories for hospitals and practices.
  • In this overview see all dental topics, that are dealt with in the stories.

What materials will I receive for my practice?

Sie erhalten jährlich ein A2 Poster (42 x 59 cm) und 200 Flyer, die mit einem Health Plus Code versehen sind.

Additionally, you can delight your patients with our mini booklet. It provides information about the project's goals and includes medical games for fun and pastime.

What is the Health Plus Code?

Ihre Patient:innen erhalten einen QR-Code, um damit 1 Monat alle Inhalte der App Tara & Pips gratis zu konsumieren. Sie können sich alle Geschichten von Tara & Pips anhören, vorlesen lassen oder als Bildervideos ansehen – eine sinnvolle Beschäftigung auch für längere Wartezeiten.

What are my costs?

Das Jahres-Mitgliedschaft kostet 216.- CHF | 216.- EUR
(18 CHF | 18 EUR monthly) and renews automatically. It can be canceled at any time by email, effective at the end of the year.

Poster für den Wartebereich:


Per Mail an oder per unten stehendem Anmeldeformular. Herzlichen Dank für Ihr Interesse an einer Mitgliedschaft bei Tara & Pips !

Registration in German

Empowerment - Stories as Preparation

Stories are a particularly effective method for overcoming fears and preparing children optimally for medical procedures. According to the principles of brain integration, stories play a central role by engaging the creative and emotional areas of the right hemisphere of the brain while simultaneously activating the logical and linguistic functions of the left hemisphere.

This holistic stimulation not only promotes understanding but also allows for a deeper processing of experiences, thereby enabling the reduction of fears and uncertainties. Thus, stories provide an ideal platform to familiarize children with the topics of doctors, dentists, hospital visits in a playful manner and help them cope with their fears or prevent them from arising in the first place.

(vgl. u.a. «The Whole-Brain Child» von Daniel J. Siegel und Tina Payne Bryson).

Vertragspartner: J&S Books GmbH, HRB 195259 B, Schreinerstr. 37, 10247 Berlin
Gerichtstand: Augsburg

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